My Soul Is Growing
The past 2 years I started focusing more on mental health. The painting which was the base of this collection represents this well - the way this flower is growing towards the sun, getting more detailed, even the way I ended up painting it on two pieces of paper and only the half of it as I changed my mind in the middle of the process, to make it symmetrical.
I started painting this collection when I had several difficulties in my life but painting helped me overcome them. I literally poured my heart into painting the collection's main pattern whilst I kept thinking "there has to be light at the end of the tunnel".
Teapot Tales
Cheerful chats over a cup of tea or coffee with friends inspired this collection.
Folk Bugs
Bugs, flowers and folk art always inspires me, so this collection includes all :)​​​​​​​
Room Of Flowers
I designed this collection with a room for my Daughter in mind where I would create everything. The wallpapers, the bedding, even some motivational words for her wall. I mixed only her favourite colour (purple) and mine (yellow), and ended up with all these gorgeous shades.
Autumn Garden
In the past 6 or 7 years I sometimes joined a project called Inktober. In 2021 it was a great opportunity for me to get back on track after some struggles - I think this collection shows the joy really well, the joy I felt throughout the whole month of October when I painted every single day for just fun, with no end project in mind.
In Love With Purple
Inspired by my Daughter, as our activities included more and more shades of the colour purple throughout the years, I started to incorporate it more in my work as well, and that's how this collection was born.