I am Viktoria, Hungarian illustrator and surface pattern designer based in London. I love painting patterns and drawing animal characters. My main source of inspiration is nature, folk art and the infinite variation of colours. And I recently became a Mama of a sweet little girl, so she inspires me every day.
My happiest time in creating is when I mix colours. I sit down at my desk, open my box of paints, and I just pick a colour without any preplanning. I get another one - usually just one -, and I start mixing their shades, painting patterns. Watching how many different colours we can create using just two paints, and seeing how I fill up the page evenly with different shapes, makes me excited, gives me lots of ideas.
Beside colours my biggest inspiration is folk art (any nationalities - not just Hungarian, but Finnish, Danish, Russian etc..) and nature. However it hadn't always been like this. As a kid I used to love spending summer holidays in my room reading, I didn't want to go out at all. I guess I visited more places through books. But at some point I discovered the beauty of the surrounding world. And now I love watching the water running, staring at the fields from the top of a hill or looking at the ground really-really close mesmerised by lots of tiny plants or details of bigger leaves, I love imagining how animals live when we don't see them. But of course books are still my biggest treasure I own.
Another important part of my motivation is that I would like to help children to get through difficulties, that is why I am currently working on a book with my sister. She is a psychology graduate, I have a teacher degree, she writes, I draw, so we've put together what we've got, and started working on a children's book.
So based on the things above - besides trying to help children -, 2 of my biggest dreams are to visit Utah and New Zealand to see those beautiful colours in reality and to have a dog. Or two. Or ten. At the same time.

My qualifications:
- 2004-2005 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design - fabric design course
- 2006-2010 University of Szeged - art teacher degree with specialising in Stained glass (my courses at uni included drawing, painting, typography, sculpture, ceramics, enamel, pedagogy, psychology and many more shorter courses)
- 2013-2015 Make it in Design - surface pattern design course
- 2017 Make Art That Sells - assignment bootcamp