I believe everyone should create things. It doesn't matter if it's cooking or creating a playlist of our favourite songs or organising a bookshelf, but everyone should find these things - because it's a very easy way to make ourselves happy, as we see we make something new, something didn't exist until we created it. 
So I thought I try to help with my drawings - I love colours, but I also love lines. I draw these pages, and people can color them, and put them on their wall. Or use them as a book-cover! Or be brave and cut them, stick them on another paper, draw some leaves and create a bunch of flowers for your mums! Use marker, paint, pencil..! Add drawings.. The ideas can be infinite..!

So I would like people to use my drawings. That's my plan.

flowers with tiny details
floral wreath with some ideas how to use
I have been to a Farmer's Market in London, and I bought some inspiration :) 
coloring page for the psychiatry of a hungarian hospital - with a little bit less details as usual, but more excercises
and a little treat for boys as well :)